Assorted boiler valves & general steam stop valves form an integral part of Whittle Valves business. Please find following some very simple before & after shots:-


For further details relating to the types & makes of boiler & stop valves serviced / repaired by Whittle Valves, then please refer to the relevant link at the top of your screen.


The photograph above also shows a small section of new boiler valves available ex-stock. These include Hopkinson sight glass assemblies, complete with syphon where required, & 25 to 65mnm Gestra wafer check valves. Numerous reconditioned valves are also available including a wide range of parallel slide valves, & blowdown valves.


Whittle Valves has focused on safety valves as a core part of it's business for the past twelve years, & as a result now overhaul or supply in the region of 3500 safety valves per annum.


These valves generally fall between 1/2" bsp, going up to 10" or 12" flanged valves, single or twin, & come off countless applications including steam, air, water, gases, and chemical to name but a few.


For testing & setting purposes Whittle Valves uses either nitrogen gas, compressed air, or water as appropriate. Currently valves can be tested / set on nitrogen gas upto approximately 200 Bar G (3000 psi), or 690 Bar G (10,000psi) hydraulically. For further details relating to the types of safety valves we service, and those valve makes we are more familiar with, please refer to the appropriate page on this site (please see links at top of the page).


Whittle Valves also carry a number of brand new safety valves available from stock, specifically the Safety Systems (Bailey Birkett) 700 & 400 series valves 707's, 716's, 746's, 485's & 490's. Please note that the 716's are available with both gun metal & stainless steel bodies (see photo).


Also available off the shelf are Nabic 500 & 542 safety valves. All of the above come complete with certification F.O.C. Flanges can be drilled to suit where appropriate.


Whittle Valves overhaul numerous types of reducing valves, for various types of media, including steam, air, water, liquid, and gas. The valve sizes may also vary from1/2" bsp, up to 6" flanged examples, as can be seen in the photo above.


A considerable range of reducing valve spares are held on stock.


These include ports for 15mm to 150mm Bailey Birkett G4's, 15mm to 80mm Spirax DP17's, 27's & DP143's, & 1 Spirax BRV2's. These spares can be supplied direct to our customers, or their availability to our workshop often enables us to considerably improve the delivery schedules for the overhaul of these valves, thereby minimizing your downtime.


Whittle Valves carry a variety of new & reconditioned reducing valves, of various types & makes, often available off the shelf. These include screwed & flanged Bailey G4 reducing valves, from 1/2" to 100mm in gun metal, cast iron, & steel as appropriate, suitable for steam, with a typical max inlet pressure of 300 psi, & min outlet pressure of 1 psi. For details regarding the prices & availability of reconditioned units, which are sold at 60% of the price of new, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Also available ex-stock are Spirax Sarco DP27's, both flanged & screwed, direct acting BRV2 reducing valves, from 1/2" to 1, suitable for steam duty, & Bailey Birkett C10 valves for both liquid and air.


There are countless types, varieties, & manufacturers of control valves, designed to perform very different functions. Over the past 30 years, Whittle Valves has seen & serviced countless different types of valves, from a wide variety of applications.


The picture above depicts a few control valves already overhauled by Whittle Valves.


Please note that the valves shown all have pneumatic actuators, however we can also service electrically operated valves, as well as either on/off, or regulating valves.


We are also familiar with many makes of both pneumatic & electronic positioners which can be set as per your requirements.